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We focus on the evaluation, creation and management of real estate strategies from varying perspectives, applying our broad industry experience across four core offerings:

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We possess and offer a unique understanding and perspective in developing and managing complex and detailed real estate strategies. This enables us to create and deliver flexible solutions that transforms unexpected shifts in staff demand or business strategy into an opportunity, rather than an unwanted distraction. Our key services include:     


  • Property Analysis & Expansion Strategies

  • Financial Modelling for Hypothesised Scenarios

  • Mid-Term Lease Restructuring & Exit Strategies

  • Subleasing & Assignment Strategies

  • Make Good Negotiations

We possess a deep understanding of Australia’s commercial office market and the key industry indicators that unlocks value for our clients. We are in a unique position to achieve the best results when negotiating and managing leasing transactions, thanks to our extensive experience in dealing with both tenant and landlord objectives. Our key services include:


  •  Strategy Development & Define Property Brief

  •  Market Research & Analysis

  •  Financial Modelling & Occupancy Cost Analysis

  •  Negotiation & Execution of Terms

  •  Stakeholder Management & Reporting

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Managing a large property portfolio is typically not core business for most corporate occupiers. Yet it is likely the second largest expense behind staff wages and expenses. We use our experience in managing both tenant and landlord objectives to ensure your business is aware of all obligations and options available throughout a lease term. Our key services include:

  •  SWOT Analysis & Optimisation

  •  Projected Growth Scenario Analysis

  •  Leasehold vs Acquisition Analysis

  •  Subleasing Strategies & Divestments

  •  Property Technology (Proptech) Analysis & Strategy

Focusing within the real estate ecosystem, Steele Consulting offers industry providers strategic advice to help manage risks, identify opportunities, and ensure continuity between business objectives and value proposition to target markets. We are well connected with executives from multiple business sectors creating pathways to form collaborative partnerships and business development opportunities. Our key services include:


·       Innovation, Research & Development     

·       Investment Advice 

·       Business Development Strategies

·       Mentoring & Leadership 

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Management Consultant
Investment Management
Tenant Advisory
Transaction Management
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